Adding Sugar to Apple Cider Vinegar Makes No Sense: Here’s Why.

Adding Sugar to Apple Cider Vinegar Makes No Sense: Here’s Why.

Apple Cider Vinegar is long known for it’s wide-reaching benefits, including health benefits as a nutritional supplement. Dehydrated Apple Cider Vinegar powder as a dietary supplement has exploded onto the market in recent years, and the demand today is higher than ever. Apple Cider Vinegar powder capsules like our certified organic ACV Pro complex, which includes organic ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon powder, and prebiotics, can help with numerous health issues such as blood sugar control, weight management, blood pressure, cholesterol, appetite, and acid reflux, just to name a few. However, a newer, untested product has emerged onto the market in recent months and is getting a lot of air time…the ACV gummy.

Supplements in a gummy form are a good idea in theory, especially for people who have problems swallowing pills or whose digestive systems may have problems digesting powder supplements. However, the dozens of ACV gummies that have exploded onto the market in the past year have one major flaw to their formulas. Their major flaw is that they are chock full of way more sugar than apple cider vinegar. Adding sugar to apple cider vinegar defeats the purpose of taking the apple cider vinegar in the first place. It essentially renders the ACV in the gummy useless. The active ingredient in ACV that gives your body the proven health benefits of ACV is called Acetic Acid. When taken before (or after) a meal, Acetic Acid essentially neutralizes a portion of the carbohydrates (i.e., sugar) in that meal to reduce your post-meal blood glucose levels. And as most people know, the more sugar in your diet, the more fat your body retains (for most people). When people put their bodies through a blood sugar roller coaster of ups and downs, the body gets confused and retains fat. The more you can balance your blood sugar, the more your body will allow the release of fats from your fat stores. This is why apple cider vinegar makes such a great nutritional supplement for weight management, and it’s also why ACV is rendered useless when it’s mixed with lots of sugar and carbs in our competitors’ poorly designed formulas.

So what happens when you eat a gummy that has twice as much added sugar as apple cider vinegar in it? Nothing! Nothing happens because the added sugar neutralizes the ACV, instead of allowing the ACV to neutralize the carbs in your meal. They will essentially cancel each other out. Sugary ACV gummies are pretty much useless. This is why all of these sugary ACV gummies on the market are poorly designed formulas which quite frankly make no sense.

If you are looking for an apple cider vinegar supplement that will help you achieve your health goals, then look no further than our ACV Pro complex from Promethean Wellness. Also, stay on the lookout for our NEW ACV Pro Sugar Free Gummies that are coming out this Fall! They have the highest amount of ACV per daily dose in the ACV gummy market (1125mg), plus generous portions of Vitamin C and Chromium that synergistically help the ACV with glucose metabolism. When looking for quality supplements with effective formulas that make sense, turn to the company that you can trust. That’s Promethean Wellness.

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