Benefits of Multi-Collagen

Benefits of Multi-Collagen

Collagen is one of the most commonly occurring proteins throughout the human body, being found in the tissues of the digestive system, blood vessels, bones, skin, and muscle tissues. However, the level of collagen found in the average person decreases with age, or when a person has a poor diet and/or becomes overweight. This lower level of collagen in the body can often lead to an aged appearance on the skin, digestive problems, and a loss of overall flexibility.

As a result, more people are taking collagen supplements to restore the proper levels of collagen proteins in their bodies, to help ease joint pain, discomfort from arthritis, and the pain resulting from chronic injuries. It is particularly sought after by people who have undergone a degeneration of joint cartilage, so that the flexibility and range of motion can be restored, even at older ages.

What can multi-collagen do for you?

Doctors and scientists have discovered that collagens are absolutely essential to your sense of well-being, because they contribute to a number of extremely important processes which occur in the body. For instance, building and retaining healthy muscles is one of the areas where collagens are most useful, and they also serve to support your metabolism, so as to limit your potential for gaining weight. When you combine the effects of several different types of collagens into a multi-collagen supplement, you can derive far more benefits which are helpful to your body, than you would normally get from any single collagen source.

Specific collagen benefits

If you're wondering which collagens are best for you to take as a supplement, you might make use of the following information, so as to determine exactly which multi-collagen would be most beneficial to fit your circumstances. A Type I collagen is excellent for healing wounds and for imparting extra elasticity to your skin, thereby avoiding any tears or punctures in the skin. It will also cause your skin to look younger by minimizing the lines associated with older age, so that you can expect renewed vitality in your skin, hair and fingernails.

Type II and Type X collagens are both very important for the health of your joints and for increasing your range of motion. These two collagens will also help reduce any of those pains generally associated with the onset of older age. Type III collagen is often used by the body to build and enhance blood vessels, skin, heart tissue, and various organs of the body. Since these are all highly essential components of anyone's body, it's easy to see why Type III collagen is so vital to humans.

Type V collagen is essential for facilitating the reproductive system of most women, contributing to the development of placenta tissue, removing bodily waste, and providing essential nutrients for mother and child. Type V collagen also is helpful for the absorption of water by the intestines, ensuring that waste is properly eliminated. From this it can be seen that Type V collagen is an essential component for keeping the body detoxified, as well as for providing a boost to the immune system.

Introducing Multi-Collagen PRO

The great news is that Promethean Wellness Multi-Collagen PRO contains all 5 Collagen types from high quality food grade sources!  Our Five Phase Collagen Complex includes Grade A hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides and hydrolyzed bovine bone broth protein from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle, sustainable hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides (wild caught red snapper), chicken bone broth collagen concentrate and eggshell membrane collagen from cage free chickens, which provides Types I, II, III, V and X collagen! I personally put a scoop in my coffee every morning to start my day off right. If you’re looking for the “fountain of youth” our unflavored Muli-Collagen PRO just might be what you’ve been looking for!

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